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MFEE's 25 for 25 School Challenge

Thursday, January 19, 2017


Earn $2000 for Montclair High School Junior MFEE Board!
As part of our 25 for 25 annual appeal, MFEE will allocate a portion of the funds to give MHS students the chance to award their own grants to their school.

 If 150 people donate at least $25, MFEE will award $500 to the Junior Board. 200 donations earns them $1,000!  


Want to help earn a little more?
Snap a picture of yourself with a sign that reads “I helped my schools thrive with my $25!” and email it to, and we will enter it in a lottery to earn an additional $1,000 for the Junior Board grants.

Now, your MFEE contribution can serve the dual purposes of enhancing our schools and empowering our teens!

As MFEE Junior Board members, teens will:

  • Develop their valuable perspective on education & implement their own ideas for change
  • Connect with their peers, school, and community more deeply.  
  • Learn about the challenges/rewards of grant making

Few opportunities for youth philanthropy exist in our town. Help us make this pilot a reality! Donate today: 

Why support MFEE?
MFEE provides significant resources to ensure that our high school provides a robust and rich learning environment for all. Since MHS does not have a PTA, MFEE often provides additional support to teachers and students throughout the year.

Check out the attached list of grants that MFEE has made to MHS over the last two years and this video that highlights grants made last year:

Past recipients of MHS Grants




Updated: 5/11/2017