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World Language Students Excel

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

World Language Students Continue to Excel on National Spanish Exam

Seventy-six world language students from Montclair High School attained national recognition for excellent performance on the 2017 National Spanish Examinations.

MHS students earned a total of two gold, six silver and twenty bronze awards along with 48 honorable mentions. “Attaining a medal or honorable mention for any student on the National Spanish Examinations is very prestigious,” said Kevin Cessna-Buscemi, National Director of the Exams, “because the exams are the largest of their kind in the United States with nearly 160,000 students participating in 2017.”

  • The Gold award winners are Andrea Arce (Level 5) and Anna Babboni (Level 2)
  • The Silver award winners are:

            -Jack Waitz, (Level 5)

            -Mary Campos-Pereira (Level 4)

            - Claire Ellis, Lila Zambalist, Luella St. Pierre(Level 3)

            -Mirit Skeen (Level 2)

  • The Bronze award winners are:

    -Eric Goldberg, Paula Cano (Level 6)        

                                                                                                                                               - Ari Westreich, Jane Bonesteel, Delaney Wastler, Eliza Farber, Jennifer Heath, Valentina       Blaustein, Salvador Pliego (Level 5)

    -Ryan McGeehan, Kenneth Testa, Peter Emanuelli, Tal Slon, Jeikson Boyle, Lesly Delgado (Level 4)

    -Josephine Myung, Cameron Smith, Hana Ackelsberg, Rachele Gaisie (Level 2)

    -Grace Mann (Level 3)

            The Honorable Mention winners are:

            - Olivia Lowe, Violet Ullman, Isabella Zorich, Charlotte Isidore, Eve Cooke (Level 6)

            - David Carvajal, Isabel Held, Ariana Martinez, Lauren Deep, Owen Kaplan(Level 5)

- Hanan Abdellatif, Alessandra Borgo, Christian Brauchle, Hanna Bregman, Margaret Brown, Evan Chaladoff, Mina Fletcher, Emily Greenberg, Julian Putnam, Isaac Restrick, Adelaide Temkin, Julia Maskin, Claire Whipple, Calvin Pyle, Tasnim, Quayum, Francesca Testa (Level 4)

            -Siona Ely, Emma Kugelmass, Nicholas Blaustein, Eliza Cant, Spencer Greenfield, Sophie Gritsch, Luisa Guarco, Michael Khan, Christina Malcolm Lynsung, Doron Griffin-Tann, Naima Troutt, Lily Yustein (Level 3)

- Aidan Hsieh, Ali Khawaja, Ava Marzulli, Mia Padberg, Camryn Schwartz, Laura Farrell, Jessica Korgen, Aidan Ward, Kathrynna Demetillo, Willem Rosenberg(Level 2)


In addition to being national winners, the following students are also state winners:

Rachele Gaisie, Andrea Arce, Ari Westreich, Valentina Blaustein, Eric Goldberg, Charlotte Isidore, Paula Cano


Students from Montclair High School have a long history of high achievement on these exams. This year’s participants are the students of Silvia Jankowski, Monica Lavosky, Elizabeth Reyes, Beatriz Romero and Maribel Tarrillo.

The National Spanish Examinations are administered each year in grades six through twelve, and are sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese.

Updated: 5/23/2017