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Honor Choir

Grades (9), 10, 11, 12

5 credits – Year Course

Course Description

The permission of the instructor is required to register for this course, designed to give more advanced choral students the opportunity to participate in a choral ensemble appropriate to their ability level. Entry requirements include the demonstration of a working knowledge of (or strong aptitude for) basic choral concerts, including tone quality, breathing, diction, sight reading ability*, and overall musicianship. (Freshman may be required to participate in one year of mixed chorus before auditioning for this course)

Students will be responsible for all Honor Choir activities. Emphasis will be placed on components of ensemble=-building, such as blend, balance, dynamics, and articulation. Participation in scheduled performances is mandatory. Additionally, students are expected to display high standards of rehearsal and performance etiquette. Repertoire will cover a variety of musical styles and genres.

Participation in scheduled performances is mandatory.

*Students with limited musical experience/reading skills may still be granted admission provided they demonstrate the following: 1) tonal memory skills enough that their reading skills may be brought up to the necessary level through supplemental instruction; 2) a willingness to complete the necessary supplemental instruction.

Textbook: None

Supplementary Instructional Material: Students will be exposed to a wide variety of music from various periods on the level of Grade 3 or better. Further individual training will require other supplementary materials.

Proficiencies: At the completion of the course students will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate knowledge of both fundamental and advanced choral concepts such as tone quality, phrasing, musical terminology, rhythm, and dynamics. Balance, and blend
  2. Identify and number the systems on a musical score
  3. Indicate and follow own part on a score.
  4. Identify and follow notes and rest: whole, half, quarter, eighth, sixteenth, and dotted note values.
  5. Identify the time signature in a piece of music.
  6. Count and clap basic rhythm
  7. Sing a major scale with accurate intonation using solfege syllables
  8. Perform excerpts from music being studied, singing own part accurately
  9. Identify and label the keys on the piano keyboard
  10. Identify note names on the treble and bas clef
  11. Identify key of a piece
  12. Construct a major scale from any given pitch
  13. Sing a minor scale
  14. Aurally identify and sing musical intervals ranging from minor seconds through octave
  15. Aurally distinguish between major and minor chords
  16. Identify at least on musical characteristic from the following musical periods: Renaissance; Baroque: Classical: Romantic
  17. Perform excerpts from the choir’s repertoire in a quartet or double quartet

Level Contracting Requirements: When appropriate, students can contract up for honors, as agreed upon by course instructor and department supervisor.

Field Trips and Guest Speakers: Field trips and speakers will be applicable to content and will be determined by the instructor. The following are suggested field trips and speakers

  • Montclair State university
  • Selected educators and professional musicians
  • Montclair Middle and Elementary Schools
  • NJ Performance Arts Center
  • Local and National Competitions
  • Lincoln Center, Broadway, etc

Course Requirements

  1. Maintain a high level of participation, including attendance at all performances
  2. Attend class regularly and punctually
  3. Follow the rehearsal rules as established by the director
  4. Demonstrate a cooperative attitude, and contribute to the learning environment of others
  5. Strive to attain proficiency in each of the areas outlined above
  6. Demonstrate a basic knowledge of their voice and vocal production
  7. Attend all rehearsal and performances
  8. Use all class materials carefully and return as requested by the choral director
  9. Read, records and follow all announcements as they are posted in the choral room.

Course Evaluation

  • Class Singing 30%
  • Presentations 11%
  • Test and Quizzes 59%


Updated: 2/7/2017