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Grades (9), 10, 11, 12

5 Credits – Year

Course Description

This course is designed for students who are able to participate in an advanced chorus. Admission to the course is by audition and requires the permission of the choral conductor. Emphasis will be on advanced choral tone quality, diction, musicianship, sight-reading and style. (Freshman may be required to participate in one year of honors Choir before auditioning for this course)

Participation in scheduled rehearsal and performances is mandatory.

Textbook: None

Supplementary Instructional Material: Students will be exposed to a wide variety of music from various periods on the level of Grade 3 or better. Further individual training will require other supplementary materials.

Level Contracting Requirements: When appropriate, students can contract up for honors, as agreed upon by course instructor and department supervisor.

Field Trips and Guest Speakers: Field trips and speakers will be applicable to content and will be determined by the instructor. The following are suggested field trips and speakers

  • Montclair State university
  • Selected educators and professional musicians
  • Montclair Middle and Elementary Schools
  • NJ Performance Arts Center
  • Local and National Competitions
  • Lincoln Center, Broadway, etc

 Proficiencies: At the completion of the course all students will be able to:

  1. Participation in all rehearsals and performances
  2. Demonstrate knowledge of choral singing technique such as tone quality, phasing, terminology, rhythm, dynamics and style
  3. Demonstrate knowledge and performance of a good rehearsal and performance techniques.
  4. Perform any of the music which being performed, at the request of the conductor

Course Requirements: Students will be expected to:

  1. Maintain a high level of participation
  2. Attend class regularly and punctually
  3. Follow the rules of Madrigals as outlined by the director
  4. Accomplish successfully all music which is being prepared for performances
  5. Demonstrate a cooperative attitude, and contribute to the learning environment of the madrigal group.
  6. Have a good understanding of their voice.
  7. Attend all rehearsal classes, performances and competitions
  8. Use all music carefully and return as requested by the madrigal choir director
  9. Read, record and follow all announcements as they are posted in the choral room

Evaluation Procedures: Marking period grades will be determined by:

  • Class Singing 30%
  • Presentations 11%
  • Test and Quizzes 59%


Updated: 9/26/2017