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Guidance Staff


Guidance Director: Dustin Bayer

Mr. Dustin Bayer

973 509-4100 Ext 4118


School Counselors

Ms. Lauren Csuka
Lauren Csuka  
Team 1:
Grade 10: A to Cannon
Grade 11 A to Chaladoff
Grade 12 A to Castillo

Mr. Hugh Witter
Hugh Witter
Team 1:
Grade 10: Cano to Faber
Grade 11: Champeau to Elisee
Grade 12: Cataldo to Gamza


Mr. Allen Regar
Allen Regar
Team 2:
Grade 10: Farjani to Hindi 
Grade 11: Emanuelli to Ioannou
Grade 12: Garland to Joslyn 


Ms. Teressa Furr
Teressa Furr
For the remainder of the 2017-2018 school year, please direct your inquiries to Ms. Furr to the following counselors:

Grade 12: Johnson to Kurzweil: Mr. Regar (Team 2)
                 Ladov to Margate-Levin: Ms. Meyer (Team 2)
Grade 11: Howland-Kruse to John: Ms. Csuka (Team 1)
                 Johnson to Knapp: Mr. Witter (Team 1)
                 Koep to Levy: Ms. Maynard (Team 3)
                 Li to McBride: Ms. Sharples (Team 3)

Grade 10: Ms. Iovine or Mr. Bayer (Guidance Office)


Ms. Siobhan Meyer
Siobhan Meyer
Team 2:
Grade 10: Matin to Polaner
Grade 11: McDonald to Remy
Grade 12: Marino to Rahim 


Ms. Raissa Maynard
Raissa Maynard
Team 3:
Grade 10: Polen to Sprowl
Grade 11: Restrick to Spadafora 
Grade 12: Ramsey to Stevenson


Ms. Shirley Sharples
Shirley Sharples
Team 3:
Grade 10: St. Pierre to Z
Grade 11: Speights to Z
Grade 12: Stordahl to Z


Ms. Chanda Fields
Chanda Fields
Team 4:
Grade 9 (A-K)


Ms. Tracie Morrison
Tracie Morrison
Team 4:
Grade 9 (L-Z)


Guidance Secretary

Ms. Susan Iovine
Susan Iovine

Student Assistance Counselors

Ms. Jaime Doshi

Jaime Doshi


Mr. Art Settembrino

Art Settembrino



Photos Credit to: Lisa Rosen Photography

Updated: 5/17/2018