English Language Arts

Young journalists will examine, study, and learn basic components of a newspaper. A culminating project will be the publication of the school newspaper-The Hillside Gazette

FANTASY ISLAND (Also offered in CI)
James and the Giant Peach, and The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe, are all-time favorites of young and old. Join us on Fantasy Island to read fantasy books and create original fantasy tales.

During this course, students work to create a 5th grade yearbook for their class. Students have the opportunity to photograph classmates, create and edit yearbook material, and assist with layout.

This book club is designed for reluctant readers who would like to read with friends. The club members will be led on adventures through reading, listening and viewing novels that are suited to be shared with friends.

This course is designed for students who like to read and write poetry. The class will study poets (well-known and lesser-known) and their works. Different forms of poetry and poetic techniques will be studied. Participants will also have an opportunity to recite poetry. An ongoing activity will be a compilation of original poems by students and other poets into a poetry booklet.

Zeus, Athena, Hera, Poseidon and Hercules are all part of our fascination with myths that attempt to explain why things happen in the world. Participants in Mythology will watch films, videos, and audiotapes to learn more about the ancient Greeks.

Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, Sherlock Holmes—move over!! Here come the new super sleuths! By reading the old classics, students will enhance their skills so they can role-play as detectives to one another’s original mysteries.

Ka-Pow! Zoom! Bam! Welcome to the Comic Book creation! If you have a story you want to make into a comic book, you have found a perfect class. Lessons in plot development, script writing, different approaches to drawing and jobs involved in comic production will culminate into a full-length comic book.

If you like art and writing then this course is for you! In this class, students will complete creative writing activities with an artistic flair. Students will design book collages, character pop up cards, poetry posters, and other projects that blend art and writing. A variety of pens, inks, and calligraphy style alphabets will be used.

This course will provide the student who likes to write stories with the satisfaction of writing a story and constructing a book. This class will enable the children to acquire the necessary skills for a written story. The students will also illustrate and print their stories, make end papers and covers, sew their books together and “publish” them. The students will complete this course with the joy of having their story become a book that they will treasure.

CREATIVE WRITING (Also offered in CI)
Do you enjoy creating stories about your life, animals, sports, a day at the park, hobbies or other ideas you can imagine? Then this course is for you! You will have a chance to use the fundamental writing skills in a variety of ways.

All Hillsiders agree Book Blurbs is a fun-filled look at contemporary literature. Young critics will evaluate their favorite stories in the form of book reviews, book blurbs, advertisements and bookmarks. Critics will also write to selected authors. If you like sharing opinions and reading, this class is for you.

The students will read various fairy tales and place characters "on trial". They will decide what charges to bring against a character, prepare a case, and the jury will decide if the character is guilty or not. This class will have students problem solve and strengthen narrative and persuasive writing skills. It integrates higher order thinking, writing, and reading skills and turns them into fun and engaging activities! The students will examine how the judicial system works, prepare and conduct a mock trial.

The art of letter writing will be explored through literature, as well as, writing activities. Students will have the opportunity to write with a purpose as they learn to organize a letter and communicate through writing. The course will seek to establish a love of writing and motivate students to write for a variety of purposes, including to persuade, to inform, and to entertain. Students will be given the opportunity to send letters to one another in the school as a way to build a school-wide communication system.

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