First Grade

Fairytale Fantasy

Design and build projects for your favorite fairytale characters. Each fairytale unit will culminate with a Readers Theater show utilizing fun iPad apps.

Let's Move It!

With Simple Machines Ever wonder how things work? A catapult, your bike or an elevator? This class will teach you all about the six simple machines and how they make our lives easier. Teams will strategize and construct simple machines then put their creations to the test. Come ready to build!

Knights and Castles!

Have you ever wanted to go back in time to a world with knights, princesses, and dragons? In this class we will learn all about the middle ages and discover how they lived. You will use this information to complete various challenges that test your creative thinking and inner architect!

International Music

Travel to India, Brazil, Mexico or anywhere around the world by exploring music, dance, instruments and culture. Students will learn about various cultures through the international language of music.

The Art of Dr. Seuss

Dr. Seuss is not just an amazing and favorite children’s author, he is also an accomplished and incredible artist and illustrator. A Dr. Seuss book would hardly be the same without the wonderful illustrations. We will dive into his artistry and see what are the components that make his books Seuss. We will discover and discuss, line, repetition, motif, color, movement. We will also discuss the idea of “the artist’s hand”. Mark making as a part of expressing ourselves. Dr. Seuss was a master at this, it is hard to see an image created by him and deny who made the image. We will compare this to other artists who have very distinctive mark making styles. We will focus on a a book at a time so we can also understand how to connect all these artistic elements to the story.

STEAMing it up with LEGO

Do you love LEGO bricks? Well, we all know that children love playing with LEGOS, but did you know that LEGO bricks can be used to teach a variety of subjects, from science and math to art. In STEAMing it up with LEGO, we will use LEGO bricks to explore the various subjects covered through S.T.E.A.M education by the way of weekly challenges and projects. So, if you love to build and explore, this is the class for you.

Animal Antics

Are you an animal lover? This course will explore animals through hands-on inquiry, experiments and engaging activities! Students will learn about animal adaptations, animal tracking, habitats, migration, hibernation, and more!

Coach’s Corner

It is exciting to see students gain an understanding of how math, science and engineering are all part of PE! Students participating in an iPad component of STEAM, allows them to add a technology piece into PE. Students can use iPads to read QR codes, create mind-maps to illustrate the connections between PE (the physical arts), science, technology, engineering, and math, calculate target heart rate, and create design ideas for a new gym.


This hands-on chemistry class gives students the opportunity to explore the effects of mixing various ingredients together. Students will learn how and why chemical reactions occur. Some experiments may include elephants toothpaste, cleaning a penny, disappearing skittles, volcano eruptions, and making slime. Young scientist can build a strong chemistry foundation through this hands on fun class.

Robot Art

Robot Art we will explore Robots how form follows function. We will explore Robot characters. The idea of personification and giving a robot a personality thru art and expression. We will creatively explore shape and form and assemble them in mock Robots with a variety of functions. Please note this is a design class where we will design what is in our imaginations and a solid grasp of how form and function work we will create some interesting "robot"creations however this will be a design class - we will not be using robotics.

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