School Nurse


Montclair, New Jersey

Personnel Department


Position Title:  School Nurse



                                    1.   Appropriate New Jersey School Nurse certification;

2.     Demonstrated ability to work effectively and sympathetically with children;

3.     Knowledge of community health and social services resources and ability to communicate effectively with non-school health professionals and social service agencies;

4.     Demonstrated expertise in school health nursing practice and emergency procedures;

5.     Ability to work on site during the hours required;

6.     Demonstrated aptitude or competence for assigned responsibilities;

7.     Required criminal background check and proof of U.S. citizenship or legal alien status;

8.     Such alternatives to the above qualifications as the Board may find appropriate and acceptable.

Responsible to: Building Principal, Pupil Services Administrator and Senior Nurse for day to day nursing practices


Job Goal:  Enhance the educational process, assist pupils and staff in attaining and/or maintaining optimum health and in promoting positive health habits and attitudes.


Performance Responsibilities:

  1. Works in cooperation with the school physician, other school health professionals (e.g. dentist, non-certified nurses, optometrist), members of the staff, parents, school related committees and community health professionals to ensure a healthy school climate and to minimize absence due to illness;
  2. Conducts health services and screening programs as required by law and/or board policies;
  3. Assists the school physician with physical examinations; makes referrals and conducts follow-up activities as necessary;
  4. Provides emergency care in case of sudden illness and administers first-aid in case of injury to students or staff according to established policies and procedures;
  5. Assumes responsibility for the availability and maintenance of required medical supplies and equipment;
  6. Maintains up-to-date health records on all students, maintains separate records of immunizations for the purpose of immunization record audit or and ensures their confidentiality;
  7. Helps prevent and control communicable disease through lectures, inspections, exclusion and re-admission of students and staff in keeping with state and local health regulations and school policies;
  8. Notifies principal or his/her designee to arrange for immediate examination of any pupil who appears to be under the influence of alcohol or other drugs;
  9. Confers with and advises students, parents, and staff members on matters pertaining to the health and safety of students and schedules and supervises health surveys of students and staff;
  10. Participates in the development and implementation of the district’s emergency and crisis management plan;
  11. Assists the principal and the child study team in the identification and placement of students with disabilities who need special education services;
  12. Participates in the development of a comprehensive health education curriculum and serves as a health/safety education resource person to teachers;
  13. Upon request, assists teachers with instruction of certain health units;
  14. Promotes healthy/safe school environment by assisting the administration and staff to maintain safe and sanitary conditions throughout the school. Reports problems promptly to the principal;
  15. Administers prescribed medication to students in accordance with law and board policy;
  16. Provides training and supervision of the emergency administration of epinephrine for designated school staff and maintains a valid current Procedure Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Certification;
  17. Collaborates with community and other non-school health agencies to meet the health needs of children and families;
  18. Provides special health care and related services to meet the needs of students with disabilities;
  19. Assists the principal with the preparation of the school's health budget;
  20. Maintains professional competence through in-service education and participation in other professional development activities. Receives training in the treatment of asthma and maintains a valid current Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation certificate as required by law and administrative code;
  21. Assists in the development of policies and procedures for comprehensive health education and services;
  22. Prepares health and safety reports as required by law and/or requested by the principal and compiles and distributes medical alert lists to staff;
  23. Reports any suspicion of child abuse to the Division of Youth and Family Services and building principal or his/her designee;
  24. Review and provide services which conform to district objectives;
  25. Maintain positive relationships with the building administration, parents, other staff and students in the buildings;
  26. Performs such other appropriate duties as required under law or as may be assigned by the principal or District supervisor.

The Montclair Public School District is an Affirmative Action/Equal Employment Opportunity Employer.

Terms of Employment: 10 month, salary and benefits as negotiated by the MEA.

Evaluation: Performance of this job will be evaluated annually in accordance with the Board's policy on evaluation of professional staff.

ESTABLISHED: 1973,  Revised: 1984, 2001, 2007


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