MPS ProjectCSGIRLS Earn Success

MPS ProjectCSGIRLS Earn Success
Posted on 10/03/2022

In August, the ProjectCSGIRLS competition released its results and MPS’ hard-working middle school students achieved success for the 8th consecutive year.

Under the continued, direct mentorship of MHS juniors (now seniors) Ede Koehlert and Sylvie Wurmser, and the club organizer, Buzz Aldrin STEM Coordinator Daniel Taylor, many students earned a spot as finalists and/or semi-finalists. “We are very proud of all the middle school students who dedicated so much time and effort to the research of the unique project,” said Taylor.

See the list of winners and descriptions/links to some of their projects:

Charlotte Wurmser (BAMS)
Project Title: The Earth Cycle

The Earth Cycle is a way to turn exercise into energy. It addresses the problem of burning fossil fuels for power, which is a leading cause of global warming, by capturing the energy from the rotation of the pedals on a stationary bike. The Earth Cycle then puts it straight into the grid.

Sarah Mifan (Renaissance)
Project Title: Jord

Jord is an application that reaches people through tech to solve a problem in this world. Our belief is by using a grassroots method, we can solve this world wide problem of littering and learn to recycle instead.

Samaara Navani (BAMS) and Aaria Shah (BAMS)
Project Title: EZ Lunchtime
No matter their lifestyle or preferences, everyone may find the perfect lunch on the website EZ Lunchtime. EZ Lunchtime strives for food quality and equality with a low-cost membership, a lunch that is packed with nutrients, and a variety of cuisines.

Charlotte Wurmser (BAMS)

Ella Reynolds (BAMS) and Samantha Leftwich (BAMS)
Project Title: International Education Organization

A website that helps educate kids who don’t have access to education.         

Bowen Brownstein (Glenfield)

ProjectCSGIRLS is an international competition (12 countries and 40 U.S. states) between thousands of students.  The challenge for the participants is to identify a passion project and then investigate and develop a viable solution in one of four broad categories; Global Health, A Safer World, Intelligent Technology, or Bridging Inequalities. The students dedicate weeks and months researching their topic, discovering present and past solutions, researching new ideas, and then compressing it into a well-designed new solution. The work is detailed in a 3-5 minute video and a formal 10-page document, both of which are required by the judges. This is the largest Computer Science competition in the nation for middle school girls and it is a tremendous vehicle to encourage and excite them to pursue their passions through solution-driven effort, using STEM as a comprehensive resource and tool. It is both a gateway and an extension to learning that is unparalleled. 

PCSG is open to new participants. Announcements will be distributed to the principals of the three middle schools later this fall. If your child is interested, please stay tuned for these announcements or contact Mr. Taylor for more information; [email protected]. “The club will take on a new look this year,” said Taylor. “We plan to engage participants in STEM-related inquiry during the fall months and then formally begin the PCSG competition drive after winter break. The club will meet after school hours. We strongly encourage any potential new members to find out more about ProjectCSGIRLS and the competition prior to the start of the club.”

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