About Our School

Academic Goals

Staff Development:
implementation of PLCs that deconstruct data and use it to inform instruction. Grade level teams and departments meet biweekly to review their assessments and share best practices.

All grade level teachers participated in redesigning their classroom libraries to be inclusive of all backgrounds.

All grade levels will develop a sense of responsibility to create a kinder, and more respectful school that values diversity and respects all.

All grade levels will develop a diverse classroom library that recognizes all students in the classroom, building and the beyond. Grades 4 & 5 will engage in novels that cover the NJ state mandates (Holocaust/Genocide, Amistad, and LGBTQIA) while expanding to other topics that relate to them now, such as, identity, advocacy, agency and social pressures.

Grades K-3 will develop students into agents of change, righteous and fair behavior equates to creating upstanders instead of bystanders.

The RTI has been updated under the guidance of the Director of Elementary Education, Dr. McLaughlin. 

Tier 1 strategies have been revised and general education staff will be trained on utilizing an array of robust techniques to assist student learning.

Tier 2 & Tier 3 students will take top priority in tutoring opportunities and extended day programs being offered throughout the school year.

Curriculum support staff will provide professional development on effective methods in supporting struggling students

ABA Program:
Job descriptions and definitions will be clarified for all professionals in the program.

Staff will participate in relevant professional development every cycle throughout the school year, this will enhance their knowledge base and build connections to other programs.

New curriculum will be piloted and replace the antiquated guidelines.

Behaviorists will be part of training ABA Paraprofessionals.

The school-wide Master Schedule will include opportunities for staff to engage in PLCs.

Meaningful interaction and inclusion experiences will be embedded into classroom programs.

Related Arts:

The Music Program is being revamped to include an updated chorus program and new instrumental program and an interdisciplinary approach to general music.

The Music Outreach Program with families has been reformed to include equity and inclusivity.

A fundraiser to support the updated music program, called "For the Love of Music" will take place.

Community Communications:

Parent Newsletter, Town Hall, SATp, PTA

Staff Newsletter, Biweekly Check-ins

Staff Meetings:

Biweekly meetings will include presentations, professional development, sharing best practices and introducing new initiatives

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