Character Education

Bradford CARES

Bradford School follows the Responsive Classroom philosophy, which believes that students need to feel safe and supported at school in order to learn. Responsive Classroom also teaches that appropriate behavior is developed through positive reinforcement and instructive discipline, and it promotes the use of common, positive language when reminding, reinforcing, and redirecting student behavior. Through structured discussions and classroom meetings, and actively involving students in problem-solving, we work to reframe potentially negative behaviors into learning experiences in our effort to develop
positive behavior.

We also teach our students to contribute in positive ways to our school community and want our students to understand that:

1. Everyone should feel safe and welcome at school. 
2. We are kind and helpful to everyone, even people who are not our friends. 

Throughout the school year, we teach eight formal Bradford CARES lessons and four formal anti-bullying lessons. We apply the following Bradford CARES values in all settings (see attached chart) so that students can take ownership over their own behavior and help create a peaceful environment:

• Be Compassionate
• Be Respectful
• Be Responsible
• Be in Control

With these tenets as our goals, our discipline system focuses on a few clear and consistent
rules for student behavior. Bradford has four basic rules:

1. Students will show respect to other students and staff members.
2. Students will show effort in completing assignments and in helping others learn.
3. Students will keep themselves and others safe.
4. Students will respect our school building and surroundings by keeping it clean.

Parents have an integral role in promoting positive behaviors. Parents will be notified when inappropriate behaviors occur that result in consequences, so that we can work together to help children alleviate such behaviors. Consequences are logical and restorative, so that students can  learn from their experiences.

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