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Bradford School, the University Magnet, continues its dynamic partnership with Montclair State University (MSU), our walking-distance neighbor.  This unique collaboration affords many opportunities to share resources, facilities, and teaching and learning experiences among Bradford's 460 students, their teachers, MSU faculty, and MSU students.

Mission Statement:

Bradford is dedicated to cultivating confident, curious and kindhearted citizens capable of asking thoughtful questions, navigating complex challenges, and connecting with the world around them. Through our rigorous university-backed academic and social-emotional curriculum and our deeply invested faculty, we are committed to building a diverse and inclusive community of life-long learners.


We are Bradford. 
Here we think that kids should learn to be citizens of the world, not just members of their local peer group. That a warm community of parents, teachers, and administrators is integral to cultivating kids that thrive. That including kids in our classrooms who may not be like everybody else is not only the right thing to do, but also makes for a more open-minded, humane planet. We believe in exercising our bodies as well as our minds, and in eating healthy foods to fuel our growth. That being inspired -- not just required -- to master the skills we teach is the key to higher achievement. That opening your classroom door to all good things dwelling near and far -- to experience university resources first hand, to see a play, to hear jazz, to see the sky through a giant telescope, to chat with a pal halfway across the world -- makes us smarter, richer and ever more curious. We believe that teaching cooperation, acceptance, respect, responsibility, empathy and sharing alongside math and reading, science and technology, art and music makes for engaged kids who become exceptional, grounded adults that will change the world for the better.

The Basic Program:  

Math, science, social studies, and language arts comprise the basic curriculum. Our New Jersey Student Learning Standards aligned math program is EnVision Math.  Teachers follow a Balanced Literacy approach to teaching ELA. Balanced Literacy focuses on student mastery of written and oral communication through a variety of language activities, using collaborative classroom curriculum. Students also receive instruction in art, physical education, technology, library, and Spanish at least once a week.  The school has a modern, well-equipped art room, music room, and library.  The school's state of the art technology supports the integration of technology into the K-5 curriculum. Extending beyond the regular curriculum, Bradford students are taught to become thoughtful readers and writers, creative problem solvers, and critical thinkers.

In an effort to meet the academic needs of students at all levels teachers differentiation instruction in response to student needs, this includes offering students enrichment, acceleration and academic support in an inclusive classroom structure.  Teachers are skilled at modifying the curriculum to meet the individual learning styles and needs of their students.

Parent and caregiver involvement in the classrooms is welcomed. Supported by an active and enthusiastic PTA, the extended Bradford community gathers for many occasions throughout the year, including a Pancake Breakfast, a Carnival of Math, music concerts, book fairs, a Science Fair, a community service day, and food and toy drives.

Bradford's Partnership with MSU

The partnership with MSU enhances an elementary school that already offers top-notch technology and many other first-rate programs. Bradford students visit MSU for weekly music recitals, dance and theater performances, health and physical education, video conferencing, science experiments and visits to the Forensics Lab, and a host of other learning experiences.  

Each year, MSU physical education faculty and students facilitate an on-campus six-mile walk-a-thon for fourth and fifth graders and a three-mile walk-a-thon for second and third graders to raise money for a local charity.  Also, MSU faculty and students organize Field Days for all Bradford students, which include physical education stations and team building games on MSU's campus. 

MSU faculty facilitate Everyday Math and Science learning stations, perform dance assemblies for our students, and serve as visiting professors to our classrooms to enhance instruction. For example, each year a professor from MSU's History Department comes to Bradford to teach students about African-American history in Montclair.

Bradford At-a-Glance:

  • To responsibly educate and nurture the whole child, Bradford places great emphasis on anti-bullying and character education.  Teachers implement the anti-bullying curriculum of the New Jersey State Bar Foundation.  The school also offers character education through the Bradford CARES curriculum, in which children spend time learning about Bradford CARES values: Cooperation, Acceptance, Respect and Responsibility, Empathy, and Sharing. Teachers utilize the Responsive Classroom approach in their classrooms, beginning each day with a morning meeting and emphasizing the development of strong social and emotional skills.
  • Bradford PTA administers an after-school enrichment program with numerous courses for K-5 including cooking, drama, science, yoga and music.
  • Outdoor and environmental learning projects, including gardening, which is integrated into the science curriculum. Bradford students plant and harvest nutritious foods, and the school hosts an annual "Pesto Fest," during which students sample pesto made from basil grown in the school garden.
  • Bradford Running Club's before-school program is facilitated by the physical education teacher for grades 2-5.
  • The Broadcast Announcements supported by staff in which 5th grade students have an opportunity to share important school events across the school-wide intercom system.
  • Counseling services which provide students with age-appropriate social skills programs, as well as group discussions to address anger management, divorce, social skills, and other issues. 
  • A Health and Wellness program is organized by parents and faculty, emphasizing nutrition and exercise. Bradford hosts monthly Walk-to-School days and healthy breakfasts for each grade.
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