6th Grade Math Placement

Dear Parents and Caregivers of Grade 5 Students:

Montclair Public Schools continues its long-standing commitment to providing differentiated instruction to all students.  Students moving into 6th grade have an opportunity to be placed into an Accelerated Math/Algebra course at ALL three of our middle schools; Glenfield, Buzz Aldrin and Renaissance.  Students who do not place into Algebra A Accelerated in 6th grade will take Math 6 and be enrolled in Algebra A or Algebra A Accelerated in 7th grade.

Process for Placement into Grade 6 Algebra A Accelerated

The criteria is designed to identify very high achieving and highly motivated mathematics students, in order to give them the opportunity to participate in Algebra A Accelerated beginning in the 6th grade. 

All 5th graders will take a 6th grade Algebra focus standards-aligned assessment in June.  The eligibility process involves a point system with students receiving points in the following four areas:

  • High score on district’s placement assessment – Administered between end of May/start of June
    • Mathematics Content Domains covered on the assessment include:
      • Operating with signed numbers, fractions, decimals and percents
      • Ratio and proportional reasoning
      • Reasoning and modeling with area and volume
      • Simplifying and evaluating expressions
  • High score on end of year 5th grade assessment
  • High report card grades in mathematics
  • Teacher Recommendation Form- Teacher recommendation is based on qualifying traits needed to be successful in Algebra A.
    • Areas of review include:  
      • Strong fluency in operating with fractions
      • High effort/determination/completes all assignments
      • Ability to work independently
      • Clearly communicates mathematical thinking
      • Uses time effectively to produce quality classwork & homework

Students in the Accelerated Algebra A/B courses are expected to maintain 87% or higher average grade to remain in the course.  To prepare for the district assessment, students can go to www.khanacademy.org and review Math 6 content standards, including but not limited to working with signed numbers, ratio and proportional reasoning, area, volume, and simplifying and evaluating expressions.


Jennifer Goforth

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