Superintendent of Schools

Position Description: Superintendent of Schools
State Code/Title: 0102-Chief School Administrator/District Superintendent
Position Type: Chief School Administrator
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Location: Central Services
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Who We Are:
The Montclair Public School District is dedicated to creating a culture of learning and continuous improvement that provides every child with a high quality, rich, and rigorous education, through a magnet system of integrated schools in which every school represents a strong, diverse, and vibrant community of learners. Montclair Public Schools is committed to recruiting and retaining high quality staff who will cultivate and support our students to become high academic achievers, curious and creative thinkers, and socially adept young people who are prepared for college and careers of the 21st century.

Why We Do This Work:
The driving force of the success of Montclair Public Schools is the Superintendent who is responsible for bringing the mission, vision, and core beliefs of the Montclair Public Schools to life through a commitment to continuous improvement and innovation with a focus on results. We believe that all children, regardless of circumstances, can achieve at high levels and academic achievement gaps can and will be eliminated with the support of teachers who deliver engaging, relevant, and academically rigorous instruction that excites students and instills a love of learning in them.

What We Need:
The Superintendent of Montclair Public Schools is expected to inspire, lead, guide, and direct every member of the administrative, instructional, and support services staff in setting and achieving the highest standard of excellence, so that each student enrolled in the district may be provided with an appropriate and effective education. Leadership and management responsibilities of the Superintendent extend to all activities of the district, to all phases of the educational program, to all aspects of the financial operation, to all parts of the physical plant, and to the conduct of such other duties as may be assigned by the Board. The Superintendent may delegate these duties together with appropriate authority, but may not delegate nor relinquish ultimate responsibility for results or any portion of accountability.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Instructional Leadership
    1. Ensures that a system of thorough and efficient education, as defined in state law and code is available to all students.
    2. Ensures that the goals of the school system are reflected in its educational program and operations.
    3. Provides for the timely completion of annual district and school-level reporting and planning requirements including school report cards, pupil performance objectives, and a quality assurance report to the public.
    4. Reviews with staff all curriculum guides and courses of study annually in accordance with a board adopted evaluation schedule. Recommends, for board adoption, curricula, courses, textbooks and time schedules.
    5. Ensures implementation and evaluation of all board-approved written curriculum for all subjects and inclusion of mandated programs and state core curriculum content
    6. Provides for curriculum articulation among grades and schools in the district and between/ among constituent districts in a regional school system or sending-receiving agreement.
    7. Encourages staff to develop programs, services and projects that reflect instructional diversity, alternatives and flexibility, while assuring an articulated, consistent education for all students.
    8. Ensures the effectiveness of the instructional program by measuring student achievement against state and local standards and initiates program changes as necessary.
    9. Develops guidelines and direction for monitoring the effectiveness of existing and new programs.
    10. Seeks out available sources for grant funding to support programs and projects.
    11. Keeps professionally current and informed on research-based educational practices.
  1. Personnel Administration:
    1. Mentors staff and demands high performance. Implements sound personnel practices.
    2. Directs and supervises the administrative staff and through them all district staff.
    3. Develops recruitment and retention procedures to assure well qualified applicants for professional and nonprofessional positions. Participates in final candidate interviews, as appropriate, and recommends appointment, transfer, renewal and dismissal of all certified and non-certified staff to the board.
    4. Provides direction and serves as a resource for management representatives in negotiating with employee bargaining units. Supervises and administers all collective bargaining agreements.
    5. Ensures that all staff is observed and evaluated annually in accordance with law and established procedures. Recommends certified and non-certified employees for contract renewal and/or tenure appointment.
    6. Recommends and implements the district's professional development plan.
    7. Ensures that all teaching staff fulfill continuing professional development and receive in service training required by state/federal laws. Assumes responsibility for the maintenance of appropriate documentation in a central file and timely submission of all required reports.
  1. Financial Management:
    1. Ensures that the budget funds the district's goals.
    2. Ensures implementation of board financial policies and district procedures. Provides direction to and supervision of school business functions. Encourages development and implementation of sound business practices.
    3. Initiates and supervises development of the annual budget, providing opportunity for staff input. Recommends budget and budget priorities for board approval and communicates the educational and monetary impact of the budget to the community.
    4. Ensures that the district develops and implements a multi-year (3-5 years) comprehensive maintenance plan.
    5. Oversees school facility management to provide safe, efficient and attractive buildings, with strong emphasis on preventative maintenance and custodial care. Ensures annual inspections of each school building for adherence to health and safety codes.
    6. Continually assesses business management practices to achieve efficiency.
    7. Ensures funds are spent prudently by providing adequate control and accounting of the district's financial and physical resources.
  1. Student Services:
    1. Ensures that a system of free appropriate special education and/or related services is available to all pupils with educational disabilities.
    2. Develops and oversees the delivery of the district's intervention and referral services for pupils who are experiencing difficulties in their classes and who have not been classified as in need of special education.
    3. Confers annually with the administrator of each nonpublic school located in the district to plan for nursing services that which may be made available pursuant to law and submits an annual written report to the county superintendent.
    4. Develops and implements policies and procedures related to missing children and the reporting of allegations of child abuse and neglect.
    5. Implements a board-approved program of guidance and counseling services.
  1. School/Community Relations:
    1. Promotes community support of the schools. Interprets district programs and services, reports plans, events and activities of interest, and solicits community opinions regarding school and education issues.
    2. Presents the district's quality assurance report annually to the community at a regular board of education meeting by October 30 and submits a copy to the county superintendent by November 15.
    3. Identifies available community resources and linkages to social service agencies that support education and healthy child development.
    4. Develops strategies to promote parental involvement in their children's education and provides opportunities for parent-teacher interaction.
    5. Maintains contact and good relations with local media.
    6. Ensures that district interests will be represented in meetings and activities of municipal and other governmental agencies.
    7. Represents the school system and its interests in community organizations, activities and projects.
  2. Superintendent-Board Responsibilities:
    1. Provides leadership in the implementation of the district's vision, mission, and goals.
    2. Prepares and recommends short and long range plans for board approval and implements those plans when approved.
    3. Attends all regular and special meetings of the board, and participates in a professional leadership role. Designates an administrative staff member to serve in his/her absence, when appropriate.
    4. Knows board policy and respects the policymaking authority and responsibility of the board.
    5. Recommends drafts of new policies or changes to the board. Establishes guidelines and processes for monitoring implementation of board policies.
    6. Collects adequate and reliable information before making recommendations and decisions.
    7. Prepares, in conjunction with the board president, agenda recommendations relative to all matters requiring board action, including all facts, information, options and reports needed to assure informed decisions. Provides advice and counsel to the board on matters before it.
    8. Provides a communication system to keep the board informed of district issues and critical information for decision-making.
    9. Anticipates potential problems. Recommends policies or courses of staff action.
    10. Keeps the board informed regarding development in other districts or at state and national levels that would be helpful to the district.
    11. Ensures that all local, state/federal standards for the health and safety of students and staff are maintained and that required reports are maintained.
    12. Fulfills all statutory obligations and implements the education law of the State of New Jersey and the administrative code of the New Jersey Department of Education.
  3. Qualifications:
    1. Commitment to education and dedication to the Montclair Public Schools' Mission and Vision demonstrating the belief that all children, regardless of circumstances, can achieve at high levels
    2. Demonstrated passion and belief that all students can achieve success through education
    3. Capability to work independently, develop strategies, and build alliances to reach stated professional development goals
    4. Strong written, oral communication, and public speaking skills
    5. Excellent inter-personal skills and ability to work cooperatively with different types of personalities
    6. Demonstrated ability to multitask effectively and prioritize strategically
    7. Openness to feedback and willingness to take personal responsibility
    8. A track record of distinguished success in educational and organizational leadership.
    9. Experience in teaching and leading adults in a school-based setting
    10. Valid New Jersey School Administrator Certificate or eligibility
    11. Central office, school administration and teaching experience as determined by the board
    12. Demonstrated success with curriculum, personnel management, school finance and strategic planning
    13. Strong leadership and communication skills
    14. Required criminal history background check and proof of U.S. citizenship or legal resident alien status.

Terms of Employment: Twelve months. Appointed for a period of 3-5 years. Serves in accordance with the terms of the contract between the board and the superintendent. Salary to be determined by the Board.

Evaluation: Performance of this job will be evaluated annually by April 30 in accordance with state law, administrative code, and the board's policy on evaluation of the superintendent.

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