Montclair Public Schools Celebrate Week

Montclair Public Schools Celebrate Week
Posted on 10/18/2017

All schools participated in activities to bring awareness to these important themes to enhance and create a healthy and productive school climate. Here are some highlights in words and pictures:


171017-bradford1Teacher leads a class in respect, and students make their own pictures to illustrate the concept.

Bradford school will be participating in Week of Respect beginning on Monday, October 2nd.

Each day teachers will have class discussions with the students on topics such as showing respect to each other, following rules, and being kind. Different activities are planned for each grade level. On Friday, (October 6th) students and staff are asked to wear Bradford school colors/tee-shirts joining as a team and community to show respect.

Charles H. Bullock School

Tree of respect on the wall is made up of leaves with slogans of respect made by the studentsChildren hold up the letters of the word respect at an assembly

There was a school-wide assembly on Respect featuring several student participants. Student Assistance Counselor Barbara Lennon addressed the school each morning during morning announcements with a daily reflective quote and word of the day about respect. A “Tree of Respect” was created consisting of leaves designed by students in each class sharing their thoughts on respect. Students also participated in daily classroom activities.


Edgemont pinwheels fill the park and students walk for peace.

Edgemont created a "Pinwheels for Peace" garden in the front yard of the school. Each pinwheel, decorated by students, features a special message about peace and respect. Fifth graders carried Edgemont's Peace Dove around the grounds, an annual tradition celebrating peace and unity.


During the Week of Respect, Hillside School highlighted the theme by starting the day with a tune, a quote about respect, and an activities which included showing that everyone counts by wearing a jersey or shirt that has a number on it; being a buddy and “Sock it to Bullying” by wearing crazy socks; all students and staff wore neon colors to highlight RESPECT and everyone wore Hillside garb to celebrate School Spirit Day.


Students created posters about respect and they were displayed throughout the school. They also attended a respect assembly given by their Principal and other staff members.


Everyone went out to chalk their favorite slogans and images about respct, including such phrases as 'Be nis to People' and 'Stop the Bulling'Paper chains and flyers plaster the walls and doors of Northeast

The Bucket Filling theme for October is all about RESPECT. Northeast students and staff spent a great deal of time focusing on what respect looks like, sounds like, and feels like. Every morning started with words of wisdom on the announcements, listening to quotes like this one by Greek philosopher Aristotle: “We should behave to our friends as we would wish our friends to behave to us.” The school paused every morning to reflect on how to be more mindful of being respectful of others and ourselves. Each day of Week of Respect brought a new activity. Monday, each student signed a respect pledge. Tuesday’s morning meeting was focused on what respect looks like and sounds like. Wednesday each homeroom made a chain link with the words or symbols they brainstormed from the previous day’s morning meeting. These links are part of a school rainbow of respect chain now hanging in the front hallway. The remainder of the week, students got creative with chalk during recess decorating the outdoor blacktop and walkways with words and symbols of respect. The week ended with a school spirit day.


Each morning in October, students heard about respect on Wake Up Watchung. This year’s schoolwide project is a mural displayed at Watchung’s entrance that is made up of paper feathers made by the children. Two huge feathers were artistically colored and written on by each child then placed together to make wings in flight. The children wrote on their feather who they respect and why, signed and dated it.

Mykee Fowlin

Buzz Aldrin

During morning announcements each week, every House reads quotes, sayings, etc. about respect and kindness. We also have a Respect Advisory planned for Friday. A schoolwide assembly was held featuring Mykee Fowlin, who combines his professional acting talents and his psychological training to create an atmosphere of inclusion not just tolerance, towards all people. Art teacher Deborah Comeau-Trudel headed a project where students paint kind words and sayings on rocks and hide them around the school.


Painted stones adorn Glenfield

Glenfield is celebrating Respect and Safe Schools for the entire month of October. Every Glenfield community member, including students and faculty participated in a schoolwide activity, Glenfield ROCKS, painting a rock that will be featured in a rock garden near the school entrance for everyone to admire. This project is intended to help students realize that they are part of something greater than themselves and that with respect, the school community as a whole can make great things happen together. Glenfield D.E.A.R. Peer Representatives will assisted Student Assistance Counselors Whitney Gibbs and Rebecca Weintraub to make this happen during DEAR classes. DEAR classes also decorated colorful pennant banners that will be hung in the cafeteria. On Friday, Oct. 27, Glenfield will celebrate with its much anticipated culminating event: Mix It Up Day. Students will be given color coded seat assignments to encourage seating at new tables with new faces.


Three doors from the decoration contest

Homerooms at Renaissance participated in a door decorating contest with the winning classroom receiving a pizza party. Each classroom was tasked with designed a door that was creative and clearly represented the theme of Respect. Judging the doors were Principal Edward Wilson, art teacher Joyce Korotkin and secretary Khalilah Allen. The team examined each of the 13 doors and declared Todd Smith’s 6th grade classroom door the winner. In addition, students heard an insight quote about respect each day and discussed within their homerooms what respect is, what it looks like and how you can show respect.

Montclair High School

Personal pledges and ghd 'Stand Up, Speak Out' wristbands

Montclair High School observed the Week of Respect by encouraging students to create their own pledges to build a more respectful MHS community. Students then displayed their personal pledges on bulletin boards in the cafeteria. Students who participated received a “Stand Up, Speak Out” wristband. The Ninth Grade Academy students participated in their Freshmen Seminar, and examined the Bystander Effect and the impact it has on the school community. Announcements during the week and Peer Leadership Activity Day were all structured around promoting a more respectful school community. During Safe Schools Week, presenters were scheduled to discuss issues that impact students, including substance abuse and prevention and recovery.

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