Athletics code

Athletics Code of Conduct

Part One - Academic Requirements

I understand that my academic performances have the highest priority and I will make every effort to maintain a good scholastic record.

Fall and Winter Seasons

  • Incoming 9th Graders eligible immediately
  • 10th-12th Grade - 30 credits

Spring Season

  • Incoming 9th Graders - 15 credits from the 1st semester
  • 10th-12th Grade - 15 credits from the 1st semester

These changes have occurred because the State of N.J. has increased high school graduation requirements from 110 to 120 credits. The NJSIAA adjusted their credit requirements as a result of that increase.

  1. Grade Point Average (2.0 GPA previous marking period to participate)
  2. Fall Season GPA during 4th marking period previous year.
  3. Winter Season GPA during 1st marking period of current year
  4. Spring Season0 GPA during 2nd marking period of current year.

Waiver Process - Students who do not meet the 2.0 GPA requirements may apply for an academic waiver by having a parent or legal guardian write a letter requesting a waiver. Each individual case will be reviewed by the Assistant Principal in charge of Athletics, one out-of-season coach, and the student's guidance counselor. This committee will determine the student's final eligibility for athletic participation.

If a student is granted a waiver, he/she will be placed on academic monitoring, which requires a student to have their teachers complete an academic progress report on a weekly basis. If the student does not perform at a satisfactory level they will be removed from the athletic program immediately. Weekly academic progress reports must be turned in to the Assistant Principal in charge of Athletics at the conclusion of each week. Students who do not return progress reports will be removed from athletic participation.

Part Two - Hazing

Hazing of any type will not be tolerated as per Board of Education policy 5131.1(A).

Hazing is considered any act of harassment, intimidation or bullying whether it is written, verbal or physical. If student-athletes are involved in any form of hazing they will be terminated immediately from their team for the remainder of the season.

Part Three - Felonies/Weapons possessions

Student-athletes charged with a felony or possession of a weapon will be immediately suspended from the athletic program. If the student athlete is convicted, the student will lose the privilege to participate in athletics for the remainder of the school year.

Part Four - Drugs, tobacco and alcohol, use of, sale, possession, or distribution

  1. Penalty for 1st offense of using, selling, possessing or distributing drugs, tobacco or alcohol by a student athlete who is in season:
    1. 5-day suspension from practices and games with a 2-day reinstatement period. (5-day suspension begins after a meeting between the student athlete, parents, and Assistant Principal in charge of Athletics).
    2. During the suspension the student must meet with a Student Assistance Counselor (SAC). After meeting with a SAC, the student must complete an "athletic reinstatement form" and return it to the Assistant Principal in charge of Athletics. Once the form is reviewed by the Assistant Principal the student will be reinstated to the athletic program.
    3. During the suspension the student and his/her parents will meet with the Assistant Principal in charge of Athletics and the grade level SAC regarding the athletic code violation.
  1. Penalty for 2nd offense of using, selling, possessing, or distributing drugs, tobacco or alcohol:
    1. Student-athlete will lose the privilege to participate for the remainder of the current season and failure to comply with treatment recommendations will lead to exclusion for the equivalent of one school year.
    2. Before being reinstated to the Athletic Program the student-athlete must complete the following:
      • The student-athlete will be referred to Intervention and Referral Services for evaluation.
      • The student-athlete must be involved in an on-going counseling program for substance abuse as per treatment recommendations.
      • The student-athlete must submit a formal written request to the Assistant Principal in charge of Athletics to be considered for reinstatement.
      • A review committee consisting of the Assistant Principal in charge of Athletics, guidance counselor, SAC, and out-of-season coach will review the request and make a recommendation to the Principal.
  1. Any subsequent incidents will lead to exclusion from interscholastic athletic participation as per the district's Substance Abuse policy (5131.6).

Part Five - Sportsmanship

Student-athletes are expected to always demonstrate good sportsmanship on and off the field. Student-athletes who violate the NJSIAA sportsmanship rules will be subject to punishment from the NJSIAA (see below).

NJSIAA Disqualification Rule:

1st Violation

  • Season of 12 games or more - 2 game suspension
  • Season of 12 games or less - 1 game suspension

2nd Violation

  • Disqualification from participation in NJSIAA post season tournaments

Part Six - Additional Points of Emphasis

  1. Any of the penalties imposed by the Athletic Code of Conduct are in addition to school and Board of Education penalties.
  2. Team captains forfeit their title after the 1st offense if they violate the code.
  3. Code violation that occurs within the last 14 days of a season will carryover to the following season of participation.
  4. Athletic penalties do not run concurrently with school penalties. Athletic penalties begin when students re-enter school.
  5. All incoming freshmen will be eligible to participate during the fall of their 9th grade year. The 2.0 GPA requirements are established after the completion of the 1st marking period in their 9th grade year.
  6. During suspensions, student-athletes are not permitted to attend practices or be on-site for any games.


A student athlete will not be permitted to participate in practices, scrimmages, or games unless he/she and a parent/guardian have signed the Code of Conduct. These signatures represent your understanding of the Athletic Code of Conduct and that you will abide by its provisions.

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