MHS Grads Return to Pick Up Awards

MHS Grads Return to Pick Up Awards
Posted on 09/29/2020
Due to COVID-19, last June Montclair High School was forced to hold its annual MHS Senior Awards night virtually. This prestigious night honors students each year for their hard work and dedication. The ceremony featured administrators sharing their praise and revealing the names of each of the recipients.

Last week, MHS staff and volunteers were able to finally distribute the well-deserved awards and pins to students and their families who were permitted to drive up to the school to receive their honors.

student holds award student holds award student holds award
A few of the grads who returned to MHS to pick up their awards, from left: Gabrielle Ziemacki, MHS Award, Owl and Gold Pin Recipient; Estee Goel, Owl and Gold Pin Recipient; Dena Salliey, Barton Smock Math Award and Gold Pin Recipient

The awards and scholarships are presented annually for good citizenship, commendable academic achievements, criteria set by the donors, and significant contributions to the life of Montclair High School and the community. They are made available through the generosity of individuals and organizations within the community and the school. Students are selected through interviews, scholarship committees, recommendations from faculty and staff members and student submitted applications to organizations and community groups.

In addition to academic and athletic achievement awards, seniors were honored with service pins. These awards are given each year to students who have qualified for this honor by giving time and effort in generous measure to the school and its many activities. These students have made the school a better place in which to pursue excellence in education.
Forty-nine students earned gold pins for four years of service to Montclair High School; five seniors earned silver for three years of service, four earned bronze for two years of service and six earned first-year pins for one year of service.

Twenty-three seniors earned the Owl Pin. Designed from a coin of ancient Athens, the Owl Pin is an award for democratic distinction bestowed upon deserving seniors and staff members. Apart from excellence in scholarship or athletics, it symbolizes recognition of the qualities and achievements that play an important part in democracy's progress. It connotes enthusiastic cooperation in various school activities, high executive ability and power of organization, an intelligent awareness of the duties, responsibilities, and privileges of good citizenship, conspicuous devotion to the welfare of the school, and commendable initiative in attempting solutions of school problems.

Maximo Cespedes
Aaron Chanin
Ilyssa Chanin
Carly Fazendin
Estee Goel
Patrick Jordan
Lukas Karapin-Springorum
Emma Kugelmass
Alexa Martins
Amanda Murnick
Eva Owgang
Lucas Podvey
Mia Rodriquez-Vars
Peter Roy
Laya Sadhaya Tuazon
Dena Salliey
Luke Savitch
Adan Tapia
Aamnah Ullah
Evan Unruh
Grace Van Atta
Nathaniel Weiss
Gabrielle Ziemacki

In addition, the prestigious MHS Award was given to Gabrielle Ziemacki. Montclair High School always strives for intellectual zeal and achievement, for personal integrity, and for an eagerness to advance the interest of the larger group; the qualities of leadership that influences the entire school. This also includes the number of hours a student volunteers above and beyond the normal school day, the number of people who directly benefit from the service performed and the magnitude of positive exposure for the Montclair High School family in addition to the manner in which the task is undertaken, the ambition, conscientiousness with which the student has performed and the loyalty, dedication and trustworthiness of the individual.

See program for full list of recipients.
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