Buzz Aldrin Has Message of Support for Parkland

Buzz Aldrin Has Message of Support for Parkland
Posted on 03/13/2018


Buzz Aldrin Middle School (BAMS) students have a message of support for the students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. Students worked on a homeroom-based art, writing, and discussion activity focused on expressions of sympathy and support for the victims and families touched by the tragedy.

In an effort coordinated by Student Assistance Counselor Dr. Keith Breiman, each homeroom worked with magic markers on at least one letter of a massive collage that spelled out BUZZ ALDRIN MIDDLE SCHOOL STANDS WITH PARKLAND. Students also made individual cards expressing sympathy and support for the Parkland community, and classes were given open-ended discussion questions designed to elicit feelings and thoughts about the tragedy.

“Our cadre of 'Start with Hello' student emissaries helped to organize and facilitate this activity,” said Principal Jill Sack. “These emissaries emerged from BAMS' membership in the nationwide Sandy Hook Initiative.”

The collage was assembled and photographed this week with help from the Start with Hello emissaries. “We thank the faculty advisors for their leadership in this worthwhile endeavor: Alvina Babu, Jen Kosuda, Fran Legman, Charlie Poris, Stephanie Savoia, and Joseph Turner,” added Sack. (photo courtesy of Dan Gerdes)

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